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Down Jackets Made in Canada: Why is One Best for You?

Down Jackets Made in Canada: Why is One Best for You?
Why should you buy down jackets made in Canada? Because only Canadians understand what it takes to stay warm in the frigid months. Top quality and luxurious materials made to last while offering style above what is generally accepted for winter wear is what companies like Arctic Bay are all about. Warmth and durability are absolute must haves. Opulent materials, comfort, and fashion, are a little more difficult to obtain. Arctic Bay combines both function and fashion in a way that can’t be compared to any other company on the market today. 

Warmer, Less Bulk

Jackets using non-down materials as a fill have been a go-to staple for decades. They’re inexpensive and widely available, but are never as warm as they should be. They also tend to wear out in just a few short months. These non-down materials mimic the real thing, but they don’t have the same heat retaining properties. Because of this, the fill needs to be substantially thicker in order to provide the same level of warmth. Down jackets with a fill power of no less than 700 and made in Canada are warmer through design, but also through the use of Canadian sourced natural products like coyote fur and duck down. Canadian made down jackets offer far greater protection from the cold, and are able to do so without being as bulky as their non-down counterparts. 


Winter is rarely thought of as the most fashionable time of the year. Bulky sweaters and terrible winter-wear make it a season of fashion often created with function valued over looks. Luckily, down jackets made in Canada are designed by a team of professionals who understand that nobody wants to look like a snowman for six months of the year. Arctic Bay offers a wide variety of styles to choose from in a myriad of colours. A quick look through their online shop is sure to entice your inner fashionista with options suitable for any style. 

Canadian Made

The best down jackets are made in Canada. They’re made by companies that understand what real cold is, how long it lasts, and the materials best able to combat the elements. The best Canadian down jackets aren’t just functional. They’re beautifully made in a variety of styles. Canadian made means quality. It means a product made with fellow Canadians in mind. Every Canadian should own a good quality down jacket, and now every Canadian can, regardless of their style choices. Men, women, and children, can all find a beautiful warm Canadian down jacket to call their own.

Down jackets made in Canada are a far better choice than any other winter wear product on the market, especially with a fill power of at least 700. They’re built to last, are extremely comfortable, and are as warm as possible without additional bulk. You might think that locating the best Canadian down jackets would be difficult. Thanks to the internet, the best and most luxurious offerings can be found as easily as browsing sites like Arctic Bay. With free shipping all across Canada, it’s no wonder they’re such a high demand product. Take a look today and find the beautiful Canadian down jacket of your dreams.

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